Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

So it's that time of the year again. You sit and think about how the past year been, and this year I realize realize that it's actually been a really good year. 

Hubby been working away all year, and is enjoying what he's doing. Mikaela finally got to start the education to become a hairdresser, and is doing really well. The boys is also doing really well and is becoming really well adjusted in school. I am really proud of all of them. 

The best part of the past year must have been getting married to my hubby finally, 2013 the 16:th of November at 16:00 will always mean the world to me, because that is when I became mrs Moffat. 

Anyway, dinner is finished and so is dessert. Must admit, it was one of the best desserts I've made for a long time.
Everyone seemed happy with it all, and now where just sitting enjoying each other's company and waiting for the new year to arrive.
Really looking forward to see what 2014 will bring to us.
I'm not one for keeping my New Years resolutions, but seeing as I can't really wish for more for my family, next year is going to be about myself. I'm gonna make myself to a healthier Mie. 
I actually believe I deserve that ❤️

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