About me

My name is Marie also called Mie, i live in Järpås, Sweden with my hubbie, 3 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats. Yeah I have a zoo here :)
This is my own little haven, where i can write about life and everything around it.

So who am i??

Well i turned 35 years old october 26:th.
I love most things in life, music, tattoos, movies, hair, clothes and makeup, retro rockabilly, crocheting and knitting, and candy.
I mean who doesn't love candy.

Most of all i love my family though.
My family consists of the love of my life, Ben (can also be found at The Angry Scot).

We met in the beginning of 2006 and six months later he moved all the way from Scotland to me here in Sweden.
We met in the game World of Warcraft, as we both used to be hardcore gamers. Nowadays he do the most of gaming in this house.
We are engaged and have been for about 4 years now, looking forward to a wedding some day in the future.

Then you have our teenager in the house Mikaela, also called Mickis (can also be found at Mikaelas Blogg).

She was born in 1997, and at the moment she is in the worse teenage years.
No matter what i say or do, it will always be wrong.
She is really good at school and does majorettes one time per week.

The young ones in our family is our identical twin boys, Alexander and Maximus, normally just called Alex and Max.
They where born 10 ½ weeks yearly on 2005.
At the moment they are normal boys, trying everything out and get into as much trouble as the can while doing it. When it is football (soccer) season they play this.